Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blind as a Bat

I hope you like this look because I think you're gonna be seeing it more often. After a full week of headaches that don't go away unless I put on my reading glasses or take 5 Advil at once (don't worry, I have a much higher tolerance for the stuff after I had to take 2400mg of the stuff a day for six weeks a while back. They're like Flintstones vitamins to me now). Anyway where was I? Oh yes, headaches: jeez Louise. It's been like having a hangover every day without all the delicious drinking part. And swift on the uptake AS I AM, it's only taken me 5-6 days to realize that, huh, mebbe I should get my eyes checked again. I've had reading glasses for at least 3 years now that I really only wear at work because a). I don't need reading glasses to watch The Backyardigans and b). Also not interested in accurately seeing how covered in dog hair our house really is. But, since wearing them is the only way I can function without a screaming headache, it seems an eye exam may be in order. Don't worry, I'll try and get cuter specs this time.

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