Monday, May 06, 2013

It was a Narwhal-Free Weekend, Pt. 1

We took the boys on a mini-vacation this weekend to San Antonio. They've never been to Sea World and I was under the impression that if you don't visit Sea World at least once by your fifth birthday, they revoke your Texan citizenship. So we went. And it was great!  And by "great" I mean, it was not 115 degrees. The weather was beautiful, there was minimal sunburning. And we saw Shamu! Who was actually a little boring since they no longer let the trainers do all those riding tricks they used to do since that one Shamu went a little postal a few years back. Still, quite impressive.

I will say, however, the Beluga Whales were quite a bit more entertaining. 

We also rode some rides. Not this one in particular, though. This was the Steel Eel, or as I like to call it, "Easy Death"

Hopper was a little disappointed that he missed the height requirement by a few inches. But that was OK, we got to ride a few other ones. Like Shamu Express. You only have to be 38 inches tall to ride the Shamu Express, but trust me, it was still terrifying. This is me, courting danger. 

And Hopper got to ride the crazy merry-go-round horse. 

We actually got to see lots of animal shows, like the sea lion show. 

But I am fairly sure that the highlight of the boys' day was getting to meet Bert and Ernie. Good lord, do they love Bert and Ernie. Ok, well, it's mainly Ernie they love. Bert they could take or leave.  Hopper, by the way, always plays Ernie. Everyone else has to be Bert. 

Here is Hopper being enthusiastically greeted by Ernie while Rowan tries to flee from Bert. Poor Bert. 

We were at the park for a looonnnngg time. Finally, at some point, Rowan just passed out, not to be awakened by anything, including the promise of seeing sharks or Uncle Travis. 

Ok, I know this looks like a shark. But it's not, it's a dolphin.... I think. 

THAT's a shark, there in the right. They had a whole tank full of 'em. 

And here we are the Hovlands a little sunburned, but all in one piece after almost 7 hours of Sea World. There are no narwhal at Sea World by the way, though we all decided that the park could only benefit from their addition. You should get on that, Sea World.

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Older not wiser said...

I'm sorry but without your help I wouldn't have known Bert from glad you set me straight. Love the pictures.