Thursday, May 16, 2013

The List, part 2

To recap: we have a list going on here of all the fun stuff we can do this summer (besides sit in the kiddie pool.) You can read the first part of the list here.

And yeah, yeah, I know: there's a lot of "Make" stuff on here. It's OK. Really. I checked and there's nothing more serious than cornstarch and duck tape (not together as I imagine I can somehow manage to nullify the effectiveness of duck tape with cornstarch, trust me, if anyone can, it's me).

Bucket List of Stuff for Us to Do Sometime Inbetween Memorial Day and  Labor Day 2013, part two

26. Go canoeing on Town Lake.
27. Make a CD of songs we all like that are also not songs by Mickey Mouse and or Yo Gabba Gabba to sing in the car.
28. Make a Water Blob.
29. Go bowling.
30. Have Punk Rock Day.
31. Make homemade popcicles.
32. Make a time capsule and bury it.
33. Go see a movie at the theater.
34. Make bathtub paint.
35. Give each kid a camera to document the day, print pictures and make book.
36. Swim at Barton Springs.
37. Go on a boat ride.
38. Paint a painting on canvas.
39. Create a fence mural.
40. Bake homemade cookies (this will be a Dad activity,again,  don't worry)
41. Play in the mud.
42. Catch tadpoles.
43. Make our own iron-on t-shirts.
44. Visit Kiddie Acres.
45. All Meals On a Stick Day (kebabs, corndogs, etc).
46. Make Cloud Clay.
47.  Take a glow in the dark bath.
48. Go see a play or puppet show.
49. Make a water wall.
50. Go to the Farmers Market and buy stuff for dinner.


Steph said...

You should know that I landed on craftfail trying to make a soap cloud for Saul.


Stinkydog said...

ha! that is hilarious. Though, you should probably know that my microwave could probably only be improved by a bunch of soap vomit..

Older not wiser said...

so glad to see this-was just about to try it myself. Don't waste glow sticks in bubbles-it does not make glow in the dark bubbles.Epic fail.and Lee-I want to go to Kiddie Land.