Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The LIST, Pt. 1

Usually, by the end of May, we're pretty much two months into our half-year summer season here in Austin, but this year, we've had this strange little phenomenon:  cool weather, rain... I think in other parts of the world, they call it, "SPRING."  It's been weird.  So, it's no wonder that Summer is just sneaking up on us over here.  At our house, no one is officially "in school" yet, so the Summer Schedule isn't that far off from the Rest of the Year schedule. Even so, I thought it would be fun to come up with a Bucket List of Stuff for Us to Do Sometime Inbetween Memorial Day and Labor Day because, as much as I love going swimming at the Y with the boys, we tend to do that Every Single Weekend, Both Days. All Day. And they Can't Swim Yet, so that means that I spend two days every weekend sitting in the kiddie pool and I already know there's pee in there so I try not to think about that the entire time and what I'm trying to get at here is MAYBE WE CAN DO OTHER THINGS SOMETIMES? Or In addition To, even?  I'm gonna break this up into two posts (because I hate making you scroll and also, I have yet to figure out how to format a two-column list in Blogger as I am S.M.R.T.)

Note: yeah, I pinterested the hell out of this list and co-opted lots of ideas from lots of other folks; I'm not sourcing them all here because I don't think anyone can really lay claim to "roasting marshmellows" as an original idea. But I will provide links to those who have great how-to's. 

Without further ado, here is the Bucket List of Stuff for Us to Do Sometime Inbetween Memorial Day and  Labor Day 2013, part one. (in no particular order)

1. Camp outside. and by "outside" I mean: the lawn. Or possibly, just the living room. I dunno. There are bugs.
2. Eat SnoCones. Preferably the ones that turn your tongue blue. 
3. Go Swimming in a Pond. 
4. Grow a vegetable. (and perhaps eat?) 
5. Watch fireworks.
6. Make banana splits.
7. Watch the Congress Avenue Bats.
8. See a movie at the Blue Starlite Drive in (Neverending Story is playing June 1...)
9. Make homemade lemonade.
10. Get a goldfish and keep it alive. 
11. Send messages by balloon and see who writes us back.
12. Build cardboard robots.
13. Go eat waffles for dinner. 
14. Feed the ducks at Zilker Park.
15. Watch an outdoor concert.
16. Have a picnic
17. Play on a Slip and Slide.
18. Make a birdfeeder. 
19. Watch the entire Star Wars Trilogy. 
21. Roast marshmellows.
22. Have a water balloon fight. 
23.  Go to Volente Beach..or maybe just somewhere on Lake Travis. Or Inks Lake. Any Lake will do.
24. Catch fireflies. 
25. Make homemade bubble potion

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Older not wiser said...

Lee-blue snocones are the bomb, but don't forget lime green and watermelon or strawberry and at one time introduce your kids to the "suicide cone"-or maybe let them discover on their own. Please have Sam tighten the jars with the fireflies-remember letting ours go in the bedroom? Mom wasn't a fan, but we got a light show for weeks later.Water balloon fights? Please stick yours in the freezer for just a little while! I would say take the boys fishing but hooks mixed with children kinda freak me out-but have a great summer! And don't let Ro eat green tomatoes.