Saturday, June 22, 2013

enjoying this vantage while I can

People see Sam who is 6'7 and they automatically assume that our boys are going to be gigantic when they grow up. Oh ho ho, I say. Don't forget that I contributed 50% of those height genes. They could top out at 5'9 1/2 and forever add that last half inch through various means of deceit for the rest of their lives... Cough. Not like I have EVER done that. I am totally 5'5.

Ok. Fine, I'm 5'4 and almost 3/4 so, really, if you're rounding up,  it hasn't been that big of a lie. LAY OFFA ME.  

Quite frankly, neither one of our kids really jump out at you as being super-duper tall.  There's this one kid in Rowan's class at daycare who is taller than most of the kids in Hopper's class (the 4year olds) at age 2. That kid is large. His dad is as tall as Sam and has probably at least 75lbs on him. He looks like a WALL. (my guess is former football player).  But our kids, really, while they may be on the taller edge of the spectrum, they don't stick out so much. 

The only thing that strikes me is how fast they seem to be sprouting up. Despite what all my toddler books told me, it's not slowing down like they said it would after that first year. It's not unusual for my kids to grown an inch or more in less than 2 months. (like Rowan just did from the beginning of May).  It also seems pretty cyclical. They may go for three or four months without growing taller and they'll get a little chubby, But then,  then BAM, overnight all of a sudden, they look like a string bean and their feet are two sizes larger (again, Rowan. Related: if anyone needs size 6 barely worn toddler shoes, lemme know). It may be the ancient bag of Miracle Gro from the backyard shed I caught them snorting a couple of weeks ago, but other than that, I can only assume that we're in for some tall boys. 

According to the Web MD child height predictor 6'4 for Hop, 6'3 for Rowan. But that's only if I use my real height. If I use the height that's on my drivers' license, even taller.

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