Monday, June 17, 2013

Uncle Otto

File this under: Yeah, if you watched The Three Little Pigs 18 times in a row, you'd have noticed this too. Eventually. 

Those of you with Netflix may have noticed that since Netflix and Disney struck a deal recently,  you lost all your Viacom (Nick Jr) stuff,  but you now have access to a million and one Tinkerbell movies. Joy.  They've also added a veritable shit-ton of old Disney shorts with which, for some inexplicable reason, my kids are fascinated.  It's fine, really, I don't mind, but sometimes when you watch this stuff you start noticing little, um, THINGS that animators used to put in the background... For example:  You see the little picture of "Mother" to the left, cute, huh? Look at the photo of "Uncle Otto" to the right.

And yeah, that's not even the most disturbing. Look at  "Father." 

Is it wrong that I laughed? 

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Anonymous said...

There is another fathers' funny picture.
You can see it in the scene when the wolf tries to go down the chimney...

Best regards