Monday, October 21, 2013

Bug Boys

We just got an email this morning from daycare. This weekend is the big Tarang Party.  "Tarang" means "wave of change" in Hindi, so this is the term they use for Fall Festival instead of, um, Fall Festival or Halloween Party. (note: no religions were harmed in the naming of this kid shindig, so don't worry). Anyway, so they sent out a note encouraging parents to dress up with their kids in "family style" costumes which is cute and all, but HELLO WE HAVE FIVE DAYS HERE WHAT ARE YOU THINKING.

Now, you know me, OF COURSE I'm going to dress up for Halloween, let's not be silly. But Halloween is not til a week from Thursday-- I've already got that one plotted out. The problem is: that pre-plotted out costume is one of these that only works in the dark like when you're trick or treating. Tarang-athon is from 11am to 2pm. And it's five days from now. I'm not ready. And we're supposed to be all theme-y like. Oy. What to do, what to do...

What I'm thinking is this:  Hopper already told me weeks ago he wants to go as "LadyBug Man" for Halloween, so we already kinda sorta have a theme in place:  Superhero Insects. I figure Hopper can do his ladybug thing, I can modify an old bumblebee costume for Rowan and he can go as "BuzzMan" and me: I've got my old black and white wings and a black cape. I'm gonna go as SupaFly.

What do you think? Too much?? I'm not too worried about the toddlers "getting it." They didn't get it when I went as Motha Stewart either. Dude, it's the best I can do with less than a week.

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