Thursday, October 17, 2013


I've lived in Austin for seventeen years, but I still refer to Little Rock as "home." We're here this weekend for my neice's wedding, which... I can't even with that yet. We are about to go to the rehearsal dinner in just a few minutes and I don't think I packed waterproof mascara. That should work out well. We've already had such a great night last night hanging with old friends and then today was probably the most gorgeous fall Arkansas day you can imagine.
to say how long we've been friends would be to give away our old age. 

Sam and Maz

Rowan with Aunt Courtney

Carousel with Aunt Katie!


The zoo was really great, other than their inexplicable temporary barrier maze thing they've got happening. I really took a ton of photos, but we have about 7 minutes to "go time" for the rehearsal so here are just a couple--
The silverback gorilla was really stunning, but I have to say that when I saw the baby one on mom's back here, I almost dropped my camera with Squee. 

Hopper feeding Lorikeets. 

Is this a warthog or a razorback? Does it matter?

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