Friday, November 01, 2013

Robot Chef Will Take Your Order Now

Ok, whew: Halloween is over. Generally, I love Halloween. I love dressing up. I love that Hopper loves dressing up. I love that Rowan hates dressing up but will begrudgingly put on a 3 year old bumblebee costume if you tell him that he won't get any candy if he doesn't (however, be prepared for THE LIP and an Air of PutUpon).

This year was a little difficult because although Hopper had told me that he wanted to be Ladybug Girl for the entire last month, once he wore that one to the school festival last weekend, he realized that he didn't like the cape and the wings I bought him weren't polka-dotted enough. So. Onward and Upward.  He told me, basically on Wednesday that he now wanted to go as Robot Chef Puppy. Because: sure, why not.  It's not like I'm doing anything like working for your health insurance. But as it turned out, I did have most of the ingredients (chef pun) necessary once we talked him out of the "puppy" part. And voila:  Robot Chef

Robot Chef will take your order, but you need to put the candy in the bucket first. 

This will be the only time you will see Rowan wearing his hat. 

I did make costumes for Gram and I to wear. We were Jellyfish. I had technical difficulties, mainly due to insufficient head support. But here you can get the main idea: 

We even had built in lighting: 

But after a while, they just wouldn't stay on our head's very well. Still, most kids seemed to recognize that we were jellyfish and not crazy people with overcompensating headgear. 
Debatable, I know. 

But we had a fun night with Robot Chef and the Grumpy Bee. 

Now we just have to plow our way through all the candy sometime before Christmas. 

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