Saturday, January 18, 2014

Froggie and Robot

Today started out a little rough. Rowan woke me up at about 5am horking. And then by lunchtime, Hopper had started telling me how much his body and throat hurt, both of which I figured to be about par for the course for the start of a 3-day weekend .  Adding to the joy is my discovery that I am apparently allergic to either my new deodorant or whatever detergent my shirt and bra were washed in last because I developed this horrifically  itchy rash from my chest and underarms creeping up to my neck. It feels like poison ivy, but I haven't been out in nature since the start of Cedar Season and even if I had been out in nature, I'm not in the habit of hugging poison ivy plants.  But then they (ok, fine, WE) took an almost 4 hour nap, fueled by Benadryl and Ibuprofen and we're all feeling better tonight.  So, this is happening:

Ok so there's this frog (Spoiler: it's Hopper in a halloween costume I bought him two years ago that he refused to wear until tonight).

 Frog is being stalked  by this Robot. (also a costume I bought last year that Rowan refused to wear at the time because it was "too scary")
 Here's a better shot of the Robot. He is fierce. He also walks around alternating between saying "RAAWR, Oh wait, that's a dinosaur" or "I. Am. The. Bo-Bot."

 At one point the Robot caught the Frog. It was tense. 

But then they thought about it. 

And gave each other a smooch. 

And now they're buddies.

 The end. 

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