Monday, January 20, 2014


Rowan Archer Hovland the First is three years old today.  You know how sometimes parents post pictures on their kids' birthdays and they say something like "It's hard to believe_____ is ___ years old today!"?   I understand what they mean--one day you have this tiny mewling baby and the next day you have a man-child whose feet are bigger than yours. But while I understand, I just don't feel like that. I feel like I've known Ro Ro longer than 3 years (and technically,  if you count the nine months of tum time, I have).  Some days run together, but honestly,  I've felt every single one of these 1095 days..and nights.

I feel like  I've known this smile all my life. And technically, I have, because it's the same smile my sister has.

Just like I've always known this look. It's the same one his dad gets when he's about to do something of the Go-Up-the-Slide-The-Wrong-Way variety
And this laugh. 
It's maybe these moments, the ones where he's really looking like he's really concentrating on what  trouble is about to commence that are new. 

So, I get the best of both worlds because watching him grow is sortof like watching an old friend and getting to know him even better. It's no wonder my heart feels like exploding sometimes. 

Happy Birthday Ro, Love Mama 

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