Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mommie D

You know how little kids go through these totally subjective "I only love Mom" or "Not YOU, Daddy!" phases? Yeah. I get that. We go through this on a daily basis with Hopper. Rowan, admittedly, is pretty much a Mama's Boy 98% of the time, but Hopper is, shall we say... a bit more CHANGEABLE.  It can be hard on the parent who's not basking the glow of adoration at the time, but usually, it passes--in our case, in about ten minutes or so and then the opposite parent is back in good graces. But you know what's evil? When their dad teaches the 4 year old to call me "Joan Crawford" when he's mad at me.  Sam did it the other night as a joke. Yeah. Ha.... (wait for it).... Ha.  Three days later and Hop's still doing it.  Yesterday, I when I picked him up from daycare and he didn't want to leave playtime. "NO, Joan Crawford, I don't wanna go!"  When I tell him he can't play Mariokart til he finishes dinner: "Joan Crawford, that's NOT FAIR."  He does it when we're out in public, like at the grocery store if I don't buy him Skittles: "Joan Crawford, but I WANT them..."

Oh, you can laugh if you want. I'll just be over here quietly plotting my revenge.

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