Friday, April 25, 2014

On Topic

Every week, The pre-school sends us a weekly update about what the kids have been working on, what books they're reading, songs, etc. In every update, they include a Question of the Week and just record each kid's response exactly as they say it, without any editing. It's cute and all, but frankly, my kid might need a little editing. Or possibly to just listen to the question. For example, this week's question was "How are you going to help the planet?"(It's Earth Day). Most of the kids said things like, "I'm going to pick up trash!" Or "I will turn off the lights!"

When asked how he will help the planet, my boy says (and this is a direct quote), 

"I'm going to fight chocolate monsters because those are the bad guys."  

Well. There you go: planet saved.

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