Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Coming Soon..

Someone asked me a few days ago whether Sam and I were going to have any more children and I almost choked on my beer. I will readily admit that I once had baby fever, ignoring all logistical reasons--economic limitations, mental health, ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE (cough) to daydream about that awesome smell that newborn babies have. But I've since learned to adjust to the idea that we'll be a family of four because, well, I like sleep. Sleep is good. Not paying more than my mortgage in daycare is good. Baby fever is now just an occasional 24 hour baby virus. My uterus is retired and looking at condos in Florida.

But forget all that because I get to smell that baby aroma VERY soon because we have a niece on the way!  My sister and brother in law are having a baby girl this August. Her entrance is a bit untraditional--You can read pretty much the entire story here because there was a nice article that ran in the Iowa City Press-Citizen a couple of weeks ago.

And then this weekend, we got to meet the Awesome Kate herself.

I was trying to take a lot of photos without being obnoxious and, uh, failed. 

I also did that thing that non-pregnant people do to pregnant women where you recount your entire boring birth stories despite the fact that they can't drink enough beer to ignore you (sorry 'bout that, Kate). 

But it was really great to meet both her and Sandy. And feel the tum (yes, I touched her stomach, just what pregnant women enjoy. I was on a roll, what can I say). Really, meeting this baby is going to be awesome and I will attempt to wait til she's at least one to pinch her cheeks or kiss her with red lipstick that won't come off. 

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Aaron L. said...

Ah, um, well -- we're about to have #5 in October. A few more years without sleep and our brains will be primed for "higher level" thinking, I theorize. And kids are why god gave us beer.

Sorry to read about your mom, btw.