Saturday, July 05, 2014

Farm 2014 Blogging Days 4-6

Ok, so I had intended to post more pictures from the farm while Rowan took his nap each afternoon, but then I realized this wonderful little phenomenon that happens when you're on vacation and someone else can distract Hopper from dismantling a 150 year old farmhouse: I get to take naps. Also, I broke my middle toe. I won't post another picture of it here, as you may have already witnessed its glory on Instagram, but to answer your burning question: I tripped over a cat rug. Not a rug for cats, a rug with cats on it. It had it out for me. So, I've been propping up my foot a lot. It rained for a couple of days as well (including all of the Fourth) so I have less naked-butt photos to share.
One thing we did do is have a big family dinner celebrating my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary (which is actually in August, but we will not be here in August), so we had some lovely steaks and peach cobbler for that.

There were even some special shirts made for everyone. The boys wouldn't wear theirs because they were being contrary, but I did manage to snap a shot of them in one right before they ripped them off. I fully suspect that a week from now, they'll both insist on wearing these shirts daily and wonder why I ever took them away from their grubby little hands because that is just how they do. The picture is of the grandparents walking down the aisle at their wedding, it's very cute, unlike these children. 

and then as an after dinner surprise, there was a bagpiper who came and serenaded the group. He also marched around the house three times, which is supposed to give good luck. His name was Douglas and he was very nice.

On the Fourth of July, it poured all day. We weren't sure they were even going to have the parade. But they did. It was 65 degrees, so that's why we're wearing raincoats. 

The parade was very cute, lots of firetrucks and boyscouts and old cars.. Hopper wasn't sure why he was supposed to keep waving if they weren't just handing over the candy.

Here is Rowan giving his patented WTF look after the parade ended. He might have just been giving a clown the side-eye.

Rowan and I in the middle of the street.

We also went to a lovely after-parade party in a gorgeous old house at which I failed to get any pictures.   Then today, we woke up and after all that rain, it was a beautiful cool morning. So, we went to the local CSA and mucked around a bit so Rowan could see some farm animals. They did not disappoint. 

The pigs, however, may have been a little bit of a letdown. I think the boys were surprised to learn that pigs would rather lay down in poop than come over and say hi. 
But all in all it was a nice little visit. 

Tomorrow, Ro and I head back to Austin while Sam and Hopper stay a few more days. A solo plane trip with a 3 year old and a broken toe sounds fantastic, doesn't it? 

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