Monday, September 08, 2014

a week o'fun

Other than school starting and getting a puppy foster and all of my digital library holds coming in at exactly the same damn time, I don't have a whole lot of excuses for not posting. But seriously? I have two Tana French novels to finish by Thursday, and Smidge (the puppy) just ate a wine cork. SO.  Yeah. Limited time here.  What I will do this week is post 4-5 photos from each day with a different subject for you please to enjoy. I've mentioned that I take lots of photos, so here's your chance to see at least a portion of them before I decide that having 2853 photos on my phone is what prevents my Words With Friends app from opening and delete everything.

To start off, here's a run of shots from my most recent attempt to get a shot of the boys where they are both looking at the camera and/or not making fart faces. 

Aannnnnnnd, we're back at making fart faces. 

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