Tuesday, September 09, 2014

week o'fun day 2

Day 2 of Let's Look At Lee's Phone Pictures So I Don't Have To Post, otherwise known as "fun."  RIGHT?

OK, so if you are a facebook friend, you've already been introduced to Smidge, who is my current foster puppy. Smidge is 10 weeks old and was billed to us as a "cocker spaniel puppy." When I went to go pick her up at the shelter, I texted another CSRA board member, "I don't know what the hell this puppy is, but I'm not leaving her here." So, we have Smidge.  Smidge makes four dogs in the house. Back in my fostering heydays it wasn't unusual for us to have on average about 7-8 dogs staying with us, so really for me, four is still a breeze. Don't try telling that to Mr. Bean. He is aggrieved. 

This is what it looks like at feeding time. Yes, Possum is always that happy. And yes, that is as close as Hudson gets. He's afraid that dumb is contagious.

Bean is sorely aggrieved. She lubs him. The feeling is not mutual. 

Possum loves her though. They play like this non-stop. 

Non. Stop. 

She just now got too fat to fit through the cattleguard fence. Now, she's aggrieved too. 

Not as much as Bean, though. 

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