Wednesday, September 10, 2014

o'fun, 3

This week of non-blogging in the form of posting photos from my phone is actually kinda fun, right? I mean, for people other than me? Plus, it's really helping me realize that I need to develop my delete muscle or possibly just relax the shutter finger. I really wasn't joking about having thousands of photos on my phone.  Yesterday I stopped procrastinating and  downloaded all my pictures through April. Do you want to know how many there were?  1301. I'm not joking. And that doesn't include the last 4 months. Gah. Don't worry, though, I'm editing as I go and really, who couldn't use 17 blurry pictures of their 3 year old rollerskating through the living room without pants?

Here are some that I kept b/c I like them. Hope you like them too.

We went to a kid birthday party where they had a petting zoo. I was completely enamored of this little dude because he was so spiny. And he didn't pee on me like the toad did. 

Power Rangers in their Footsies

Rowan taking a nap with his furry cousin Lola.

Sam wearing jeans in public.

Hopper. I just love this one b/c he looks so handsome. I mean, he always does, this one doesn't have fart face. 

Here is Possum taking an actual bite out of Rowan's rear-end. He should have worn pants.

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