Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10 days!

It's 10 days to Halloween, do you have your costume ready yet?  I...uh..hmmm, now that I think about it, DO NOT. I have the makings of a costume, TWO costumes actually, but I haven't completed them yet. Crap. I gotta get on that.  The reason why I have TWO costumes instead of just the one is that I have a fear of costume commitment. And also, one of the costumes is kinda gross.  I mean, it's not that gross, but maybe a little too gross for say...3 year olds and kindergarteners. So for the event that is at the daycare and school, I have to amend the gross costume I plan on wearing out trick or treating  and to an ADULTS Halloween party to something a little less icky. So, essentially, I'm making two costumes out of one.  Do you want to know what I'm gonna BEE??  heh. Hint there for ya.**

The boys don't have a fear of costume commitment; however, they do lack recognition of certain laws of physics and also, my arts and crafts skills.   Hopper would like to be both an astronaut AND a rocket ship at the same time. By that I take it to mean that he would like to be an astronaut in the act of piloting a ship, which is fine, but DUDE. I'm really not all that good with cardboard or rocket boosters, so he may be S.O.L. 

Rowan would like to be both a PIG and a GHOST. And yet, when I suggested that he go as BACON, he blinked at me uncomprehendingly.

So, in short, we have tentative, almost to fruition, HEY IT COULD HAPPEN plans for costumes, yet nothing concrete 10 days out. I'm not worried. I've probably told you this before, but I buy costumes all the time for the boys to play dress up, so we regularly have about a veritable wardrobe for them to choose from. I'll probably just lay them all out and let the monkeys choose which ones they'd like though so help me, if someone asks me to make robot arms out of dryer vents again this year, I will lose it.

**(Ok fine, I'm going as a ZomBee and either  a Spelling Bee or a Queen Bee--get it?? same bee parts, different make up.  Also known as--YOU KNOW I CANNOT RESIST A PUN COSTUME TO SAVE MY LIFE and  I FOUND A BEE COSTUME IN A THRIFT STORE FOR 5 BUCKS)

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