Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Veggie Project

I know that most everybody knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness could you not know with all the pink? (gah, the pink) And I'm down with that. It's also Down Syndrome Awareness Month and ADHD Awareness Month (I would say "holla!" here, but then none of us could keep a straight face).  In addition to all of these extremely important causes, it's also Vegetarian Awareness month starting off with World Vegetarian Day which is today. But, you say, who cares? You are not a vegetarian!  This is true, I am not. You also do not like vegetables all that much! Yes, yes I know, okra is SO gross!   BUT... BUT:  I'm gonna go veggie for the next 31 days.

Now don't go tutting your tut tut at me. I have my reasons.  If you want, I can go into some of them here. Yes?  OK, first, I read this article on Monday. You can certainly have your opinions about Salon as a left-leaning information source, it is, I know. But actually, doing a little googling about factory farm conditions and the USDA and where the meat in our grocery stores and restaurants is coming from will cause you to start plotting out your next salad. Right after you scrub your brain with bleach.  I am only thus far committing to the next 31 days for the vegetarian thing, but I plan to use some of that time to start doing some research in to more local and ethical meat sources. I know of several family members and friends who get their beef and chicken from local sources, or eat meat that they themselves have hunted and processed. I think regardless of how this month pans out, I would still be ok with that. It's the other sources of meat that are scary as hell. It's not just a matter of being an animal lover (which I am) it's a matter of not wanting your meat being from horrific Dante Levels of Hell type shitholes.  It's tough to avoid, especially with two small boys that prefer their chicken nuggets to be in the shape of dinosaurs. I'm not saying I'll be able to make a complete conversion here. We're just...starting on the path, seeing where it leads.

Another reason is that, without going all into it, I haven't been in the best health the last few months. I don't have anything majorly wrong, but I've got allergy stuff going on, possibly auto-immune stuff going on and my energy level is in the crapper. I've had more than one doctor now tell me that one of the most pro-active things you can do for your own health is start really taking a look at your diet and make some changes. That means less processed schtuff. More plants. Less bread. (god I love bread).  As you may or may not know, I can't cook for shit. So, I always rely on pre-packaged things or easy to get things like fast food.  I'm not saying I'm going to learn how to cook. But I might learn how to put a few dishes together or maybe find some places to eat for lunch with healthier options. BABY STEPS.

So, yeah, 31 days, I think I can do this. I mean the important stuff is already vegetarian: Wine and Halloween Candy, amirite?  I GOT THIS.

I'll update you on how it's going.  Twelve hours in and I'm doing OK!  ha ha.  I had peanut butter on raisin bread for breakfast (baby. steps). For lunch I went to Whole Foods and got a stir-fry tofu bowl. It did not suck. Could've used some more heat and ginger to mask the tofu but it was not inedible. I'm not gonna lie, dinner will probably be tortilla chips and cheese dip. (IT'S LEFTOVERS, I can't let it go bad!). Yeah, I might need a little help with menu planning..

If anyone has any resources they'd like to recommend, either for vegetarian info or for local meat sources, let me know!


Older not wiser said...

Spaghetti squash really counts as a vegetable and you can pretend it's pasta.

Steph said...

Not to bad mouth my own company, but look out for anything labeled "HSH" or "Health Starts Here." That frequently means no oil of any kind and no salt. There's lots of awesome vegetarian stuff there, but not that. If you DO end up with HSH stuff, there are salt grinders near the salad dressing stations. :-)