Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Bug and a Wish

I know the people in my life must get very tired of me telling stories about the various ways my children have picked up my potty mouth, and I promise to stop sharing them just as soon as I stop finding them funny.

The latest:

In Hopper's kindergarten class, they have visits from the school counselor every week. She does little "good citizen" lessons on various things like how to pay attention to your teacher by putting on your "listening ears" or how not to be a whiny little vortex of need "You Get What You Get and Don't Throw a Fit!" (I like that one, I really do).

I guess a recent lesson was how to express their dissatisfaction with a classmate's behavior without resorting to violence. What she told them was they needed to remember to use "A Bug and a Wish" i.e. You tell someone what's BUGGING you and then tell them how you WISH they'd act instead. Like, "Harold, it's bugging me that you're hogging the ball, I wish you'd throw it to me every once in a while."  I thought it was super cute and it really resonated with the kids because I hear them using it all the time.

This afternoon, I was asking Hopper how it went at lunchtime today and he says, "Well, C___ was standing behind me blowing noises at me so I gave him a bug and a wish.  But it didn't work, he was still a little bitch."

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