Thursday, September 18, 2014

TBT Sister Edition

Tomorrow is my sister's birthday, so for Throwback Thursday this week, I'm going to share some of my favorite pictures of her, and by that I mean, those pictures I can post on the internet and still reasonably hope that she won't hunt me down and give me a noogie til I have baldspot. (She can do it, trust me).

I love this one because she's executing the baby wtf look that our family seems to have down pat.

I love how the cat looks like he sortof wants to murder you. 

When I first looked at this photo of Robyn and I dressed in our bridesmaid gear for our big sister Kate's wedding, I thought, huh, that must be shadows or something, there's NO WAY we thought hair that big looked good. 

Sadly, I think we may have thought that hair that big looked good, because here's another one. Yikes.  Damn. 

and this. Oh. Oh dear. I know Mom made this dress for you and you loved it at the time. But wow. Peplums are no one's friend. 

I know you won't mind me posting this one. It was a tossup between this one and the one from 7th grade where you have short hair and prominent teeth. I figured this would buy me some brownie points. 

One of my faves

and weirdly, this is the latest one I have of the two of us, other than the ones of us at our niece's wedding where you're doing The Wobble and I'm laughing at you. Consider my editing those pictures out YOUR PRESENT. 

Happy Birthday Robyn!  

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