Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lists Have Been Made

Now that Thanksgiving is over and we've had pumpkin pie for breakfast three days in a row (what?), the boys decided it was time to finalize their lists for Santa.  Since Hopper is the only kid in this joint who can write, he did most of the heavy work, while Rowan directed. 

And Directed. 

And directed some more. 

Hopper struggles a little bit with handwriting due to some hand strength issues we found out about when he was around 3. He's been in OT since then, so I gotta tell you, it makes my heart grow about twelve sizes to see him working so hard and doing so well with this. Even if his motivation is that someone, somewhere will be sucker enough to buy him nunchucks. 

 Here Rowan is trying to decide between putting down "robot" or "boat" (hint: he went with both). 

This was a long arduous process. At least 15 minutes or so. 

In the end, this is what they came up with:

Rowan:  Train, dinosaur, boat, teddy bear, robot (and he reserves the right to ask for any and all of the same turtle stuff that Hopper asked for, but in blue)

Hopper:  Turtle Mask Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle variety--Red, boxing gloves, exercise bike (don't ask, it was a long walk through Academy Sports), nunchucks, spinning star, BatCave

 So, there you have it. I have attempted to put these things on an Amazon list for each kid if any family would like that link; however, if any of you actually buy my 5 year old a spinning star, I will throw it at you. Let the Holidays Begin!


Older not wiser said...

you said nothing about numchucks

Stinkydog said...

please do not buy my child nunchucks.

Older not wiser said...

but MOM....they are quieter than Elmo drums