Saturday, December 06, 2014

Lists Have Been Delivered

One of the reasons why we wanted to make sure that our Lists for Santa were completed by this weekend is because, every year, my company puts on a Breakfast with Santa for all the littles. I told the boys that they could deliver their lists to Santa directly instead of relying on the postal service because who even knows what postage to the North Pole is going for these days. They thought this was a much more sensible plan,  and also, there are donuts. 

So, we got our Christmas gear on and waited for Santa to show up

Hopper took this delivery very seriously, and I must say, did a very good job of being patient waiting his turn. Though in this shot you can clearly see him silently urging the kids already in Santa's lap to just get a move on already, for crissakes. 

FINALLY (after 2 whole minutes, it was a short line), it was our turn. Here Rowan is explaining to Santa that we brought him a list. 

Actually, Hopper pointed out, it's TWO lists.

Then comes the portion where they have to READ the lists to Santa. 

To be fair, Santa thought that Rowan's list said "box," not "BOAT." So Ro had to set him straight on that one. 

And then Hopper had to explain exactly what kind of exercise bike he wanted. (the kind where you pump your arms and pedal at the same time)

At this point, the line has grown because this all takes a while. So, we just had them hop on Santa's lap real quick while I take 500 shots, in which neither of them are ever looking at the camera, not once.  Ah well. At least we saved on postage. 

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