Friday, December 12, 2014


This is one of those mom posts where I think my kid is funny, but you may roll your eyes as needed. I can't help it, he cracks me up.

Every afternoon, I pick up Hopper from school first because his school is so close to my office. So, we have about a 15-20 minute drive to Rowan's daycare which I always use to pick his brain about his day. I used to just veg out and let him play a game or watch a video. That was until I found out from his teacher that he'd had lunchtime detention (or whatever the kindergarten version of it is) for an entire week and he hadn't told me because (and I quote), "Oh that. That was a secret." i.e. there is no downtime with this kid. You just gotta get him talking and hope to god you pick up any blips on the horizon before they send him off to the Merchant Marines (or whatever the kindergarten version of it is).  In the course of these conversations, there's always some prime Hopper going on. A sampling from this week:

Me: What did you learn in class today?
H: We made an Activity Scene!
Me: An Activity Scene? What's that?
H:Well, there's a gigantic star that sparkles and a baby king, and his crib is made out of wood and hay, but it's ok,  he's got a comfy yellow blanket.
Me: Was there anyone else there?
H: Oh yes. There was a guy with a goat and a king named Belafonte.
Me: ummm...
H: and his mom and dad were there wearing snuggies. And they all got together for a dance celebration doing the Hookie Lau.


H: Mom, tomorrow I'm going to paint your car with green flames on the sides.
Me: well...
H: and a dragon on the front hood. And we'll put big tires on here like a monster truck.
Me: ummm....
H: and some big lights up top.
Me: why are we doing this again?
H: 'cause then it will be almost cool.  (ed. note: it's a mazda 5, so, you know, not likely)


H: what do you call it when there's a puppet that's a machine that moves?
Me: uhhhhhh (thinking wildly),  Animatronic???
H: YEAH. Animatronic.
five minutes later--
H: Mom?  Can I get an animatronic triceratops costume?


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