Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Olaf and Bjorn

When the boys were babies and even last year, I didn't really have to worry about hiding their Christmas gifts. Unless it was on the floor or shaped like a robot, they honestly did not notice that the guest room closet was crammed full of stuff.  So, this year, admittedly, I was a little lax. I had two big gift bags just hanging out on top of my dresser. They didn't even notice them for at least two weeks. But then one night as they're both lying in my bed, Hopper spotted them. "WHAT'S THAT!"  I scrambled and came up with the best off the cuff excuse I could think of with 2 seconds notice:  "THEY'RE NOT FOR YOU."  Well, if they aren't for us then who are they for, they wanted to know. This is where my excuse starts getting a little wobbly. I made up two cousins that they've never met before named Olaf and Bjorn. They live in distant country that you can only reach by canoe, so that's why they've never even heard of them. But, you see, Olaf and Bjorn are just about the same ages and seem to like the same kinds of things as the Hovland boys. But these presents right here? THEY'RE NOT FOR YOU. Judge if you must. It worked.
Then today, I had to do a lot of shopping for these families that my company is sponsoring for the holidays. My car was literally loaded down with toys and clothes in every possible inch. The Mazda 5 was bulging with presents. I go to pick up Rowan and when he sees the back of the car, his eyes get huge.
Now, buddy, I told him, these aren't for you, ok?  These are for some other kids.

"OH." he says, "Olaf and Bjorn?"
"um, sure?" (why not)
"Mommy, You're gonna need a REEEAALLY big canoe."

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Older not wiser said...

I hope you didn't over do it on their stocking stuffers-because I can't stop myself.....