Saturday, January 17, 2015

Weekly Pix

Another Saturday, another attempt to get 800 pictures off of my phone.

In this weeks news, Sam bought the boys a drum set. We had previously talked about getting Hopper a table top electric drum kit, so when I was half asleep and he told me he was heading up to Leander to buy drums, I wasn't worried. I probably should have worried.

This is Hopper carrying in one of the thingies (yes, I know they're called "drums," What I mean is one is a rat tom and one is a bass and one is something else, right? See, I've watched my fair share of Yo Gabba Gabba, I know things).

And here are the boys with it all set up. What you can't tell because it isn't video is that Hopper had just yelled to Rowan, "C'MON ROWAN, LET'S ROCK AND ROLL!"  What I didn't notice until after the photo was taken was that Rowan was a little more, uh, "rock & roll" than I had anticipated. Mr. "That's Enough Pants." 

Later on in the week, I got a nice little stomach bug that meant I spent all day Thursday hunched in a fetal position on the couch. The boys apparently went to a bar. (this photo courtesy of Someone Else who I would totally give credits to if I knew who my husband had forwarded it from). 

At some point this week, I had to go to the Dollar Store to get some valentine-y things. They had a selection of women's fragrances in the Valentines aisle. I had no idea that the Dollar Tree carried women's fragrances. I'm really sad that my photo is off center and you can't fully tell that one of these is named "Posture."  I do love "Nice Lady" FOR WOMEN. Glad they cleared that up. 

Here is yet another photo of Possum and Shay having it out in the backyard right before they chase each other for 45 solid minutes. These two have the prissiest dog fights known to man. 

Later on, Shay got a bath. She's only 4 1/2mths old, but I'd say she's got that look of total betrayal down pat. 

And here is a photo of Rowan looking giant. He turns Four in three days. I'm not ready. 

That's all for now. More next week!

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