Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hopperisms, redux

This has been quite a stellar week for Hopperisms, which I am happy to share, as always.

(To a complete stranger by the pool at the Y):  "I'm actually an excellent swimmer, except that I sink."  totally true, by the way

(appropos of nothing, on the way home from school): "Do you know what I like about the Batman Cartoon??  All the onomatopoeias!"

(To another complete stranger, this time in the checkout line at HEB): "Orange Juice is the only wine I'm allowed to drink."  also true.

(To his brother):  "Rowan, I think you should try to be like me when you grow up. You know, like Hopper, only a little bit more Rowan."

(Also to his brother):  "Rowan!  Let's cross the streams!" sadly, not a Ghostbusters reference: 

Yep. That's going in The File.

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