Thursday, March 05, 2015

What I like about SIX

In honor of Hopper's SIXTH birthday today, I asked him to come up with six things he really likes about himself. This ended up being about a three-day conversation because he kept coming up with things and telling me about them hours later, so I have attempted to condense them for you here:

me: So, now that you are gonna be six, what are the things you like about best about  Hopper?
H: Um, I have an engine. 
me: You do? 
H: Yes
me: What's it like?
H; It's fast and it has chrome pipes.

me: Ok, what else?
H: I can run speedy.
me: Is that because of your engine?
H: no, it's because I'm a speedy person. 

H: Also, I have a good nose.
me: You do have a great nose. 
H: I know, right?  

H: I'm also nice.
me: psssh, HA! who are you nice to?
H: Bryzza, George, and sometimes Rowan.
me: that's kind of a short list, so what else you got? 

H: I have good eyesight
me: and yet, you can't find the remote control six inches from your face
H: People say  I'm good at finding muddy puddles. 
me: Well, that is actually true. So you got that going for you. 

Happy Sixth Birthday to the Hopperest Hopper I know. 

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