Wednesday, April 15, 2015

PD April

Well, this is just a photo dump post. I have lots to share, but not a whole lot of time to do it what with all the cleaning puppy pee and swim lessons and family visits.  I'm not complaining (except about the puppy pee), but I feel like I've missed out on telling you a whole bunch. So, I'll try to do that more this week. But in the meantime, I've got 1223 pictures on my phone and they're not going to delete themselves..

This is a photo of longhorns that I took at the Travis County Rodeo and Fair. Yes, I know, that was a month ago, shut up. Look how cool they are.

Yet another photo, in a long, looooonng series of photos where Bean is either very sad, very tired, or silently plotting my death.
This one has her adopt-a-versary this month.  Doesn't stop Sam from asking if we can "trade her in for a real dog" every chance he gets. C'mon, how can you resist this face?
Wildflowers are going CRAZY in Austin this month from our wet winter/spring. Of course, we don't actually have wildflowers in our yard, just a bunch of weeds when I don't mow for two weeks, but look how pretty!
My sisters came into town last weekend, so they got to have Hopper read books to them. This one is called "Animals Should Definitely NOT Wear Clothing" and I've had to hear it approximately 137 times in the last week.
I also took a picture of Kate with her mini-me, i.e. my son. That's ok, her kids look more like me than they do her. Genetics are weird.
I still am playing around with my remote shutter. Honestly, I really don't have an excuse for why I make that face so much. 


I promise at least two more posts this week! Pinky swear!

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