Friday, April 17, 2015

Hop and Bean, year six

Every Spring I try to get Hopper and his dog Bean to pose together for photos, something we've done since both of them were babies at the same time and regularly swapped spit (immune system, for the win!).  Last year was really the first time I was able to do this without Hopper whining that he really just wanted a cat, ok?  A little gray fluffy one? And in the past few months, this begrudging acceptance that he is never (ever) going to get a cat has transformed into these wild (delusional) plans that he is going to somehow teach Mr. Bean, an animal who regularly tries to eat empty solid tin cans, how to do amazing circus acts so they can go on the road and live a life of adventure.

I've had to gently lower these expectations by explaining the following:

Mr. B cannot learn how to do handstands (because he does not have hands)
He probably won't be figuring out how to ride a bike (something Hop has also not yet mastered)
He doesn't know any knock knock jokes (worth telling)
He cannot cook peanut butter on toast (eats all the peanut butter before the bread is even crispy)
He is too fat to swing on the monkey bars (seriously, so fat)

It should show you how much personal growth there's been to find out that, despite all these Bean Shortcomings, Hopper loves him anyway. Here's to two six year old boys!

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