Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Land of No

To recap, Mr. Bean was 6 weeks old when I was fostering him right before Hopper was born. I was a wee bit hormonal i.e. susceptible to puppy bref at the time. Also, I was drugged. That's how we ended up adopting him right before bringing home a newborn. I've always thought it would be cute to chart their growth together. You can see old ones here, here and here). I know. Now, it's just getting weird.

I was going to go for another outdoors shot of the two of them on their blankie in the front yard like all the others, but frankly, if I tried to sit them both down for a posed photo at this point, Mr. Bean would just sit there and shiver til he wee'ed himself while Hopper yelled NO and then ran headfirst into the nearest tree. At least he'd be wearing his helmet.
Just FYI-We are currently living in the Land of NO. That means that if you're planning on asking any questions of the two year old, you're going to get one answer. Hint: it is not "YES."

Hopper, do you want some juice? NO!
Hopper, would you like to wear the green shirt or the blue one? NO!
Hopper, how do you feel about US intervention in Libya? NOOooooooo!

I bought the helmet for use with his first big boy tricycle. I was thinking it was going to be hard to get him to wear it because he can be a little weird about hats, especially if they're cute and bought by me to go with a particular outfit (you will note, there werent any leprechaun hats for him this year). The helmet--he finds from whatever hiding place I've secreted it away in and puts on as soon as he gets home from school, regardless of whether there are any trike rides in his immediate future. He will wear it for hours... DAYS, even. I have to wrestle it off his head for baths. We are actually kinda considering letting him wear it to bed, especially after that head bashing incident.

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