Monday, April 04, 2011

The Opposite of a Good Day

Oh, hey. How's it goin? Last week's radio silence was brought to you by The Last Week of Maternity Leave and the strong desire to do nothing but snurgle the baby and lay around in yoga pants. Oh,and then later in the week, an inability to inhale or exhale without horking up a lung. Yeah. Sick AGAIN with some kind of flu-like thing. wheeeeee.
In addition to my going back to work tomorrow, the boys also start a new daycare. This one has yoga for toddlers, music classes and nice caregivers and HOPEFULLY (fingers crossed) fewer little piranha children feasting on my older son. We'll see. I have high hopes. I think they're going to have a great time. I'll be the one over there huddled in the corner sobbing. I know, I know: toddler yoga. I've just never left a 10 week old baby at daycare before. Hopper was well over a year and a half before he went to formal daycare. Before that, it was always one of us or just one caregiver. Rowan can't even roll over yet and he's already going to spend his day with several other babies. Oh, I know they'll take good care of him. I just doubt he's going to spend naptime wrapped up in anyones arms with his fuzzy little noggin tucked up under a chin. Gulp. Crap, I'm not going to be able to get out of there without losing it, am I?
Right now, it's 3am and this is what I'm doing-tapping this out on one hand and staring at my little gnome's sleeping face. I have to be up in two hours to start the worst day of my year. Still sick , now sleep-deprived and missing my boys. Oh and now Mr. Bean is licking my foot. Even better. Here's hoping the next 12 to 14 hours fly by.


Allison said...

Benjamin was 10 weeks when I went back to work and it sucked hard--for me. He slept through most of it. It will be hard on you--he'll be fine, though. When I left Benjamin, he didn't notice when I left and then apparently slept most of the day.

Good luck with the new day care! It sounds like a happy place.

Older not wiser said...

I know you'll miss your little boys, but toddler yoga? Music lessons? That's pretty damn cool.