Saturday, February 16, 2013

4 and almost 4

Since Sam and I adopted Mr. Bean just a couple of days before heading to the hospital to have Hopper, I've always tried to take photos of them together. You can see one of the first ones  here and then this one was cute too. And this one. Even this one, though I can't explain the outfit. These are all back when Hopper would allow Mr. Bean to be in the same house with him at the same time without referring to him as "that dog that needs some toothpaste."  These days, you are more likely to get something like this.

Or this, which is a photo of Bean looking off to find more cat poo to eat and Hopper being mad that I made him stand next to the dog.

What I can tell you is that in four years time, one of them exploded in fur and the other got taller. 

it's a good thing they're both still cute. 

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