Monday, June 15, 2015

Photo Dump: Arkansas Edition

The boys and I went on a long weekend to Arkansas last weekend. No special reason, just wanted to see everyone. I packed my camera; however, I did not pack any of the 4 SD cards I actually own. Because I am SMRT.  It was just as well because I'm pretty sure it would have ended up in the lake or covered in swirly pop goo.  So, without further ado, here are some slightly smudgy photos from our weekend.

 This is Rowan attempting to blow up a green balloon in the middle of Denny's and failing spectacularly. This was actually fine by me because earlier in the day as I was trying to finish up last minute packing, Rowan kept taking things out like my makeup bag and putting in blown up balloons.  I had to threaten the balloon's life with a safety pin to get him to stop and I still found out later that he unpacked a pair of my shoes and put in a red balloon. The thing you should note here is that we ate at Denny's and didn't die.

Here are Hopper and my best friend's son playing in a sprinkler.
The funniest thing in the world, according to six year old boys, is to pretend that things are coming out of your butt. Apparently.
On Friday we had plans to go to Magic Springs where Hopper was convinced that he was tall enough to ride the Big People Roller Coasters. Alas, he was not. Though, in his defense, I will say that their measuring stick is whack here because I know he is in fact exactly 48 inches because the top of the water in the shallow end of the pool at the Y goes just to the top of his head. Yes, I learned that during swimming lessons.  

This is a swirly pop. I wish I knew exactly what makes swirly pops last for 800 years. They're not food.
Given the lack of roller coasters, Hopper opted for the ropes course at the water park. He, um, struggled a bit, but never once fell in.

This was taken at the end of the day. You can't tell exactly how sunburned I am in this photo, but those godforsaken swirly pops are still going strong something like six hours later.  

We broke Rowan.

But later that night, after a brief coma, he was game to try some alligator. Actually, I just told him it was chicken. This is a kid who think dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets are actually made from dinosaur, so it's not like I'm offending his delicate sensibilities.

The next day, we went to Lake Degray. Hopper wanted to make sure he floated, so he's actually wearing a floatie on top of a life jacket and two seconds later, made me outfit him in water wings. He's not about sinking.

Rowan doubled down as well.

We told them this was "the beach" so my sister brought shells and hid them around for the kids to find. We're liars, but we're fun liars.

Here my dad is showing his underbelly to the sunlight for the first time since the 80's. Hopper (in water wings) is engaging him in a serious conversation, I'm guessing it's something about Darth Maul and probably swirly pops.

I am "sunbathing." 

If you look closely, you can see dark ominous clouds right over my shoulder. Sure enough, about 10 minutes after this photo, it started pouring down rain and thus ended our trip to the lake. This was totally cool with me as I was still about 500 degrees sunburnt from the previous day. 

I probably have more photos, but I'm noticing that my phone case is seriously still covered in swirly pop goo from three days ago. Swirly pops are going to haunt me for the rest of my natural-born life.

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