Friday, August 07, 2015

Farm Blogging 2015

I'm a little late logging in from the farm, mainly because it is hard to type when I'm in a reclining position, and also, I left my laptop at home. Rest assured we've been busy doing a whole lotta nothing besides tromping through the woods naked (the boys, not me).

We did take a little detour to Saratoga Springs on Tuesday and that was a neat day--we saw some morning workouts at the track
And then we got to spend the day with an old Austin friend of Sam's who took us on a tour. It's such a lovely little town
Even though some of the springs of Saratoga taste a little like fart water
But all in all: lovely day. Right up to the time we got home, went swimming at the pond and Hop got stung by a wasp right on the nose. Good times. He was a little skeptical of my "slap some mud on it " home remedy, but it did work. 
Now he only asks about 40 times every five minutes whether we are SURE wasps die when they lose a stinger and whether or not they're going to remember him and hold a grudge.
Yesterday we spent some time at MassMOCA. Hopper liked it. Rowan kept asking the docents where the "bug tents" were. There was some confusion on that end because we are pretty sure those don't exist.

They have yet to take a bath here at the farm because a) there is no bathtub and b) Rowan refuses to try the shower, but we are making do.
We are also adding soap to the slip and slide because why not. 
There has also been a very large amount of food that I have neglected to photograph because I am too busy shoving it in my mouth. Still more fun to come!

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Unknown said...

Er... Isn't it only bees that lose their stinger and die? I thought wasps could sting again and again. I hope you didn't let that wasp know where you live.