Sunday, August 09, 2015

Farm Blogging, pt 2

Our time at the farm is almost up! It's been sort of speeding by, specifically, when we went to Jiminy Peak and rode the mountain roller coaster, things were speeding by in a corkscrew, nausea-making fashion.. But to back up, we've also gone to "the beach" (at Grafton Lake)

And we've had lots of cousins and family time. The boys always like fresh meat to conquer and somehow talk into chasing them.
But back to the mountain coaster of doom..Rowan is a child who previously would refuse to get on a carousel because they were "too scary." We could not get this kid off the mountain Over and over, we were  having to ride this thing pretty much til Mom had to stop (before I barfed.) 
Not to be outdone, Hopper also enjoyed hurtling his tiny little scrawny body through time and space. 

I only had about 12 heart attacks that day. 

Today we're just relaxing. I can tell I am still on vacation because my last meal consisted of a brownie and a beer. 
I'm going to milk this for yet another day.

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