Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Struggle

Do you have any idea how brutal it is to go from somewhere where the high temperature is 78 degrees to a place like Texas in August?  Yesterday, we had to get out of the pond because the boys got too shivery. Right now, it is 103 in Austin and my eyelids are sweating. 

As per usual, I did not check in as much from the farm as I had planned, and yet, there are 422 photos I'm trying to upload and process and stick cartoony stars over my kids' tushies. I'm always trying to get photos of the boys together where they're both looking a) at the camera and b) Rowan is not screaming. We came VERY CLOSE to achieving this at the farm.

Ok, not that close.

There were moments.

And then you realize that someone has lunch remnants on his face.


you might think that last one or two is cute, but have you gotten to the point when you notice that one of them is pinching his own butt cheeks?   Basically, I've just gotten to where I know that my fantasies of cute smiley photographs of well behaved children just aren't going to happen. At least not of MY children.  it's OK. I'll take substance over style any day.

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