Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Great Pumpkin Giveth

After bitching and moaning yesterday about our lack of a Halloween plan, I decided off-handedly to go to Savers today at lunch just to see if there were any last minute ideas I could grab up and apparently, The Great Pumpkin answers plaintive calls for help. I  hit the motherlode.

I know. And I spent like $25 on all of this. I never mind spending money on costumes even if I know there's no way they'll wear it on Halloween because we use these things all year. But still, SCORE!  So, I feel like since the Great Pumpkin was so good to me, I should share one of the "scrounge from the house" costumes I had put together for the boys.  This was going to be Rowan's. 

It's "Hawaiian Punch" 

Consisting of:  
Hawaiian shirt--bought at thrift store for $1 like 3 years ago before I knew he hit his "I will not wear anything with buttons" phase.
Lei and grass skirt--from Dollar Tree sometime last summer for an office luau party that never came to fruition: $2
shorts--grabbed from summer stack of clothes
boxing gloves--from Five Below $5

So there you go, Bad Pun costume for child for $8 total--or free, if you happen to have all this crap laying around your house like I do.  

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