Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bad Mood

I've sat and tried to write a post for today, but I couldn't because my eyeball is stuck in the back of my head from rolling my eyes too hard. I'm only able to type this one handed, slowly because I'm using the other hand to cover up the eye that's stuck. I'm irritated and no amount of Halloween Candy That I Have Lifted From My Children is making it any better . It started when I opened my email this morning before 8am and hasn't let up basically ALL DAY. It's nothing major, just people doing stupid stuff and then denying directly to me that they've done stupid stuff but I KNOW they've done something stupid because I'm LOOKING AT THE EMAIL WHERIN YOU DID YOUR STUPID THING. Because you cc'ed me on it, Moron. And what's crazy is that it isn't even just one person. It's been three separate instances over the course of the day. They all just decided to helpfully schedule these one right after the other.  Pro-tip: if you're going to do something stupid and later deny it, try not to do that thing IN WRITING. If you're reading this and we work together either at my day job or my other volunteer job or one of my kids' schools or we happen to know one another in any capacity, don't worry, I'm probably not talking about you... Unless you did something stupid today in which case, let's just both try to do better tomorrow.

On that note, I'll leave you with a couple of Hopper and Rowanisms from this afternoon that are helping to get my eye unstuck:

Running into Teenage Neighbor Who Sometimes Babysits But Hasn't Since Last Summer Because She's Usually Busy
Hop: Why haven't you babysat us in a long time?
Rowan: It's because Hopper showed you his butt, isn't it.

While Cooking Dinner (and by "cooking," I mean, heating up dinosaur chicken nuggets)
Hop:  Mom, can you make porkchops again?
Me: I would, but we don't have any here right now, they're all at the store.

 They were on a roll today. Now I'm off to go kill a pig. And drink some wine. Probably not in that order.

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