Sunday, November 22, 2015

Lazy Day

Today was going to be a "lazy day" which means that other than feeding ourselves and our children (and the dogs), we weren't going to put much effort into doing anything, preferably even staying in pajamas all day if socially appropriate.  This is what we did today instead:

1). every scrap of laundry in the house, including some socks we're pretty sure haven't been seen since 2008.
2). cleaned out the fridge, including the yogurt that had an expiration date of March 22nd. Nice.
3). packed for me and the boys to go to Arkansas for 5 days, in one suitcase, that may or may not explode sometime between now and Tuesday.
4). gave dogs haircuts (which is a nice way of saying, I shaved Bean's butt so The Dingleberry King could be dethroned).
5). took down the Halloween decorations (I know).
6). grocery shopped. Ok, it was more like I went to the store with an intent to grocery shop then got run over twice with a shopping cart before I could even get to the bread aisle, so I left with dog food and potato chips.
7). sawed up a 15 foot branch that supposedly fell off our tree during the storms earlier this week, but we know our neighbors pretty much drug it into our yard because we can see where it fell off THEIR tree (yes, they're pricks).
8). vacuumed up the contents of a rain stick from Peru which was an awesome gift from the boys' cousins, until Hopper broke it over Rowan's head.  They both cried for fifteen minutes. Rowan because his head hurt and Hopper because he "really liked that stick."
9). sent the boys outside to play and emptied two trash bags worth of toys that haven't been played with in months. So far, they haven't noticed anything is amiss.
10). Downloaded stuff to listen to for my road trip. I am now the proud owner of 37 hours of  The Moth podcasts.

So yeah, I gotta get better at this "lazy day" thing.

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