Saturday, November 21, 2015

There was a Plan

There was a plan. Then the temperature dropped 30 degrees and the wind started gusting to about 40mph kicking up some sort of Satan Dust which has me unable to breathe without snorting Flonase about every hour.  SO. My outdoor photo shoot to Get The Damned Christmas Cards Done Already Plan went to shit and you know what that means: I got out the glue gun and made props. Then I harassed my children into wearing somewhat festive sweaters and threatened to send Santa a text immediately if they didn't sit down for 5 minutes and Look At The Camera For The Love of God. Rowan spent the majority of his time making fart noises with his arm, so it might be putting it mildly to say there were outtakes.

Hopper says, "You know, Mom, there are professionals who do this sort of thing. They probably don't get that look on their face like you do."
Probably not, son. Probably not. 

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