Monday, November 02, 2015

Monday Photo Dumplings

Random photos from the last week-or-so-ish so we can make room on my phone for more dog pictures.

We're still taking swim lessons through December (for now). This one no longer sinks like a rock, but he insists that his half-submerged doggie paddle is a legitimate swim stroke and gives you this look when you suggest that maybe it is not. 

Complete disinterest in taking any sort of cute fall-esque photos. They did try to steal the pumpkins immediately afterwards. 

Possum got a haircut that cost more than my own haircuts do. It resulted in us actually being able to see her eyes for the first time in months:however, even professional grooming is no match for Spaghetti Mouf. 

This was mid make up application for my costume. I was trying (and failing) to follow a Pinterest Tutorial. This is what I imagine I look like whenever I try to apply make up beyond the basics. Also, I continue to be incapable of proper ducklips. 

Getting kisses and last minute trick-or-treating tips from Dad. 

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