Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Only Tuesday

so, in case you're wondering, I'm participating in NaBloPoMo which sounds like something you need a kleenex for, but is actually a cool project where you commit to blogging every day during the month of November. This is less intimidating than committing to write a novel (only slightly) considering I haven't written here every day since sometime back in 2008. So, if it seems like I'm sharing more than usual, I am.  

Today's topic:  Stuff My 4 Year Old Has Either Done or Tried To Get Away With Since Sunday (it being only Tuesday).

1. Skirting the 2 Pieces a Day of Halloween Candy Rule by mashing 8 mini candybars and a bunch of skittles into one massive ball and saying, "I'll just have this one piece."

2. Peeing on the wall in the hallway because he was mad.

3. Giving the dog a Flintstone vitamin.

4.  Licking a pigeon.

5. Pouring himself an 8oz cup of hazelnut coffee creamer for breakfast.

6. Telling his preschool teacher and anyone else who will listen that Mom is taking him to see "The Penis Movie" this weekend. Peanuts, son, the word you're looking for is PEANUTS.

He turns five in January, so it's entirely possible the Terrible Two's might be over by then.

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