Monday, November 16, 2015

Photo Dumplings 11/16

It's been a whole week since I've unloaded my pictures and while it's less of a storage issue since we've embraced the cloud (I know, welcome to 2011), I still end up with way too many pictures that I forget to upload somewhere. So, without further ado, pix from the last week (or so).

This is a completely awesome, perfect scary web that some contrarian spider opted to weave on my front porch a week  after Halloween. WASTED OPPORTUNITY, Eight Legs.

Despite my attempts to wet it down and plaster it to his head, this is what my kid's hair looks like every single morning. Yet, by the time I pick him up in the afternoon, it's completely normal. I have no idea how that happens.

Rowan was running around before his swim lesson on Saturday yelling "I AM WICTORIUS" and giggling hysterically. Yeah, I got nuthin.

My little old men sharing a bed. This rarely happens, as one or the other is usually too cranky (Hudson) or farty (Bean). 

A coworker of mine brought in her French Bulldog puppy for the day on Friday. (He had just had surgery and needed to be watched). Basically, he just sat on my lap and snorted for 45 straight minutes.  

Friday was the rescheduled Halloween festival at Hopper's school.  So, it's a good thing we still have 27 costumes laying around. He was a little anxious to get there. 

You'll note that Rowan was persuaded to go with the Panda costume (YES). 

It really is the most adorable thing. And he'll outgrow it by next year. Sniff!  Here he is having a heart to heart with Dad about why he needed another hot dog. 

Lastly, I love this picture of Hopper doing his school's Fun Run (also on Friday, it was a busy day). Side note: the school opted to go with a Fun Run rather than a sell cookie dough or wrapping paper thing and they ended up making over $27,000. The thing I love about this photo (which was on about lap 3 out of 20 or so) is that the look of Hopper's face clearly indicates that he reached the same conclusion that I reach every time I'm on lap 3/20 which is: "Wow, running kind of sucks." 

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Older not wiser said...

That Panda is too cute for words especially the photo of Rowan and Sam discussing the hot dog.