Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Derp is Strong

Our rescue group held a Photos with Santa fundraiser last Sunday. I wasn't able to go because it was Sam's birthday, but we just got a link to all the photos that were taken. I've been going through them all this morning, periodically spitting out my coffee. Hoo. Man, some of these are hysterical.  Plus, our Santa is pretty awesome.  So, to give you a break from all the children crying on Santa's lap photos that are no doubt clogging up your news stream, here are some of my faves. I like to call this collection "The Derp is Strong"

There are probably 5-6 photos of this dog and he looks exactly the same in each one of them, same expression and everything. That ear. 

Derp, supersized. 

I don't know what's off to the left there, but apparently, it was alarming.

You got some bbq sauce there on your lip, Santa, I take care of that for ya.

This dog is all, "Yeah, NOPE."

Miss Bunny. So, damn cute. 

The one on the right thinks Santa is about to eat him.

Seriously, It doesn't change...

From either angle. 

Long day, man, loooonnng day.. 

I feel you, Santa dog. 

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