Friday, December 11, 2015

Edited for Length

The boys are writing their letters to Santa again, but this year, Hopper refuses to write Rowan's for him because he hates handwriting anything (please, dear lord, start teaching them typing in 2nd grade). So, I offered to write Rowan's letter for him. He took this opportunity to get a little wordy. I had to edit.

Dictated directly:
Dear Santa, I need a dolphin costume, one where my head goes through the mouth, but first, how are you? I would also like a Luigi Mariokart Wildwing, a bed with Star Wars characters on it, but actually just Darth Vader, nobody else from Star Wars, just black everywhere because that is my favorite color. Also, I would like red boxing gloves and you have to bring Hopper blue ones but mom won't let us punch each other. A Darth Vader coloring book. All the toys in the world and a new cap. I think that's it. Take it easy on yourself. Love, Rowan. 

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