Wednesday, December 09, 2015

O Christmas Tree

So, we have a tree. It was not initially a given as we all had different tree specifications.  The boys were expecting (demanding, cough) a big fluffy tree. Rowan's only real requirement, bless his heart, was that it be green. Hopper wanted one as tall as Dad. Sam didn't want a tree at all. He wanted to buy a pencil plant or a cactus ("something hard to kill") and put ornaments on it, so we three-to-one outvoted him on that one. My only issue was that, while I love the IDEA of a real tree, the last real tree we had made me sneeze for weeks.  I do not remember what kind it was, something in a fir, but I can tell you that going anywhere near the Christmas tree section at Home Depot kinda makes my eyes water. I love the smell, yet it tortures me. And then we happened on a great deal (free) on a 7-foot pre-lit as fake as my enthusiasm for legos and voila:  meet Clarence T. Tree.
He's tall. He's green. He sort of smells like someone's garage. But I'm assuming that's why you Pinterest the hell out of "Christmas Aromatics." Most importantly, he's UP and has not caught fire. So: points.

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