Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pup date-diamond dogs #2

So. Yeah. If you're looking at this photo after seeing a previous photo of the Diamond Dogs, you may be thinking, heeyyyyyy wait a minute, where's the rest of them? Where, indeed. 
If you're a Facebook friend, you know that midweek last week, the smallest pup China Girl went into distress and died on Wednesday. I was really upset about it but I guess not totally shocked--she was half the size of the others and really weak. I tried to help her but I think Nature was just not on our side.
Then, this past weekend, I went in to check on the babes first thing in the morning and Stardust was just...gone. And I don't mean he had somehow escaped on his tiny wobbly legs. This one was a shocker for me, as I had literally just been cuddling him right before putting them all to bed the night before. I'm not sure what happened (I have a theory), but once again, Nature reminded us that you just can't force things, no matter how much you want them to happen. I wanted ALL the babies to overcome their rough start, but I can't overcome bad genetics with some puppy formula and mega cuddles (though I really wish that I could).
So here we are: the remaining Diamond Dogs. Here's hoping Mother Nature takes a $&@(ing week OFF.

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Older not wiser said...

This reminds me of the litter that I lost due to snake bite, you kept telling me that they probably wouldn't make it but I kept hoping and loving them till the very last one.