Monday, September 05, 2016

Project Maple

When all nine of our Tiny Texan pups AND Mama Jules were adopted right before I left for vacation, the plan was for us to have a bit of a break. That was THE PLAN.  What I didn't tell yall was that even before I was 3 days into the vacation, our group was already getting asked to take another mama dog and newborn pups. I demurred because I was out of state and I was all pupped out, but that's how quick it was. Not even two weeks and there's already another little puppy family needing help. I did not get that mama and pups, we let another group take them. But that didn't stop The Universe from deciding that "Breaks" are for Sissies because, folks, we got another "Project" up in here this weekend. Her name is Maple.

Maple is, I like to say: Preggo like an Eggo. Specifically, we think there are about 5-6 in there. She's due in a couple of weeks, maybe three.. I'm trying not to be impatient this time. Plus, Maple has some plumping up and resting and getting healthier to do before the babies get here. See, Maple is really anemic.  It's not that unusual for pregnant dogs to get a little anemic, but Maple is a LOT anemic. She's also heartworm positive. What this has meant is that since she got here 2 days ago, she's done a whole lot of sleeping. As in, she didn't get off the dog bed unless I picked her up to take her outside for potty. And even then, she'd get a little tired and just sit down in the backyard.

 I was getting really, REALLY worried, but we've been giving her some liver water and some iron supplements and that seems to be helping.  She started sitting up some more and sort of interacting a bit, rather than dozing.

As you may have noticed, Maple is not a full cocker spaniel. I don't really know what her mix is. I know she's tiny, other than her big baby belly. She has green eyes. But her face is really pointy and her ears don't really lay down. I spent some time yesterday trying to get some pictures of her where she didn't look like a Stoned Otter. 

I, um, might still have some work to do?   But we've got some time. I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks prepping and I'm really hoping with some good groceries and meds, Maple pulls through all this alright. And that the pups do too. (that's a concern). It's a Project, for sure. 

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